What Home Workers Need to Know About CyberSecurity

Home working has caused a surge in cybersecurity breaches. In this blog we look at what people need to know to stay safe – no matter where they work.

New normal, new ethics?

What does the ‘new normal’ of home working and remote teams mean for the ethical culture of your business?

Getting Policies ‘Just Right’: What we can learn from a 19th Century fairy tale

Policies are a foundational element of any compliance programme, setting out the principles and standards of behaviour expected of employees that will assure compliance with laws and regulations. But, are you confident that your policies are a valuable and practical aid to employees?

Remember GDPR?

Have your staff remembered their GDPR training? Here are some ideas to make your GDPR training more memorable.

What worries me about whistleblowing…

I’ve been worrying about whistleblowing lately. In particular, whether traditional methods of reporting are really effective – because the level of reporting in many organisations just seems low. And I’m not sure that this is a situation where ‘least said is soonest mended’, as the saying goes. If there’s misconduct occurring the compliance team needs to know, and fast.

Compliance and the Culture Challenge

The 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that, without appropriate social controls, life would be “nasty, brutish and short”. This rather dim view of humanity pervades much modern compliance practice. In a nutshell, the assumption is that people will do the wrong thing and the job of compliance departments is to prevent wrong-doing and if we can’t prevent it, we need to catch and punish the wrong-doers.*

Food Safety 8: Does your whistleblowing system cut the mustard?

For food retailers, manufacturers and service organisations employees are on the front-line in spotting issues relating to food safety and, of course, it’s in the best interests of any company to be aware of these issues as they occur. But, this requires an effective system for enabling issues to be reported, in confidence and without fear of retaliation.

The value of whistleblowing systems in corporate investigations and forensics

The cost of non-compliance, in both financial and reputational terms, is now so high that many organisations are turning to external law firms to help manage compliance and ethics risk. In particular, companies are increasingly looking for support and advice around screening, managing and investigating cases that come to light through their whistleblowing systems. And it’s easy to see why.

5 reasons you haven’t switched hotline provider…. and why maybe you should

When was the last time you thought about changing your whistleblowing hotline provider?