Speaking Up just got easier!

There’s a new way of managing how concerns are reported and investigated in organisations.  Our innovative solution is technically advanced, secure and cost effective.  Most importantly, it delivers a seamless and secure experience to any of your employees who are trying to do the right thing.

Old Way

Only a few languages spoken by in-house staff in a traditional call centre - third party interpreters required for most languages.

New Way

Mobile apps and automated voice-recording technology make reporting in more than 60 languages quick and easy.

Potential privacy issues with outsourced call centres and third party interpreters.

Report intake is fully automated with no sensitive personal data ever leaving the secure case management system.

Toll free calling to local lines is often not possible in many locations when using prepaid call-cards and/or mobile phones.

Web app and native app-based reporting remove the need to call local lines and enable calls to be made at no cost.

Reports are entered into the case management system by call centre operatives which can result in delays in cases being submitted and errors in case recording and routing.

Fully automated approach means that case entry is instant and any chance of human error is removed.

Manual translations by external third parties can cause delays in case details being available.

Integrated machine translation service provides highly accurate, instant translations of reported issues and communications.

System configuration is only possible via the solution provider at set up and for any ongoing changes – this can be slow and costly.

Easy configuration - you can reconfigure forms, workflows and other elements of the system on an ongoing basis.

New versions of software are released while you have to stay on older versions or pay to upgrade.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) means that system updates are applied frequently and all clients are updated simultaneously. No outdated or legacy technology or associated security risks.

Whistleblower Mobile App

People are getting more and more attached to their smartphones.  Our app makes it much easier to file a report securely and communicate anonymously than in a web based or traditional telephone whistleblowing solution.




Whistleblowing Hotline

Secure reporting channels for whistleblowing reports with the possibility of anonymous dialogue between the whistleblower and the investigator.

Case Management

You can manage all your reports in one secure place. There are no restrictions on the amount of internal or external administrative users.

Hosting Centres

The system is hosted by Microsoft Azure Germany. This is an isolated branch of Microsoft Azure Cloud where data never leaves the EU and is only handled by certified employees.

Security, Integrity and Data Privacy

The solution and procedures comply with some of the world’s most stringent personal data protection laws and is verified (and independently audited) as GDPR and ISO27001 compliant. We have no access to your data.

Multi-country Solution

World-wide reporting of whistleblower incidents in any language and in compliance with the national laws. We support all countries. This is a unique feature for our service.

Turnkey Solution

The solution is one of the most inexpensive on the global market and can be introduced within as little as two to four weeks with a minimum of resources used by you.

Whistleblower App (optional)

Your employees, suppliers, customers and other relevant individuals are constantly on the move with their smartphones in their pocket. With our Whistleblower App they can easily, securely and anonymously report an incident by voice, text, picture or video.

24/7 Telephone Solution (optional)

The telephone solution is an integrated part of the case management solution and as a costumer you can have your own set-up and a local toll free number per country.

Machine Translation

Add our integrated machine translation service, Microsoft Translator Text API V3, for translating reported issues and the communication between case managers and whistleblowers in the case management system. Fully GDPR compliant.

Fast and Safe Translation Service (optional)

Integrated translation service, where we will quickly translate the content of the reported incident to English and then translate any follow-up communications back again. You can choose which incidents to translate.

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