GDPR – The Good News

Almost half of data breaches are caused by human error.  So why isn’t data privacy training working?

GDPR training can be more than a tick in the box.  It doesn’t have to be long.  It doesn’t have to be boring and it can drive compliant workplace behaviours that help to protect your business from data privacy risk.  Our tailored modules address the needs of key risk groups while keeping the learning relevant for everyone.

A range of user-friendly materials, easy to mix and match for learning and performance support.

Employee Essentials

Get key messages to all of your employees – quickly and easily. Our mobile first content means your employees can learn at a time and place that suits them.

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Support for Specialists

Some employees need a more in-depth understanding of GDPR – we have modules for HR, Marketing and IT that help strengthn knowledge and practice.

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Knowledge Checks

Test and refresh knowledge in an engaging, gamified format.

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Reference Tools

Publish any learning module or its components as reference documents for quick access to key information.

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Support on-job performance with easy to use and effective checklists for key processes.

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Specialist Courses – Extend GDPR knowledge for key groups.

Help for HR

Help your HR teams understand how to handle the personal data of employees and candidates in line with the requirements of GDPR.


More for Marketing

Marketing professionals need to understand how GDPR impacts their work so that they can promote your business but protect your reputation.


Impact IT

Help your IT teams understand the part they can play in putting privacy first in your systems and processes.


Launch training in days not weeks

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Edit/modify the content yourself

Our simple authoring, editing and collaboration toolset is included in the fee.

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Export and publish in your LMS…

Combine learning modules, build SCORM packages and publish them in your LMS.

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… or launch training through the JollyDeck LMS

Use comms templates, native mobile apps and learning analytics.

Every Offer Includes:

Off the shelf learning content

Authoring and collaboration toolset

  • General awareness course
  • IT specialist GDPR course
  • Marketing specialist GDPR course
  • HR specialist GDPR course
  • Every module available as support reference
  • 30+ questions for tests/quizes
  • 10 checklists
  • Add branded elements to the learning content
  • Easy to use authoring platform
  • Full support for collaborative authoring
    (access control, adding notes and comments,
    email notifications…)
  • Unlimited modifications and versioning
  • Branding of all learning materials
  • Export all content as SCORM packages

More Options Available:

Publish content in JollyDeck LMS

Get help with the content

  • Learn using dedicated iOS or Android JollyDeck app
  • Send templated invite reminders and completion emails from the system
  • State-of-the-art learning analytics
  • Empower line managers with team reporting and benchmarking
  • Single sign-on and other data integrations with your existing systems
  • Instructional design
  • Graphic design of infographics and comics
  • Video editing
  • Translations

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